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Who Are We?

OnTheWebHosting is a privately run and unique web host business with a fully consultative approach. We are different from the other hosting businesses screaming for your attention. Just take a look around our site and see for yourself.

When you work with us, you not only work with a reliable service-oriented business, but most importantly you have an opportunity to work with people who make the Internet work for themselves on a daily basis.

Work with people that make technology and the Internet work for them on daily basis. At OnTheWebHosting, we know you just want your web site to be visible, be available, and most of all not have to worry about it. We offer customized packages for each customer, with fair pricing and will not sell you packages and services of things you will never use, but will always provide the flexibility to have those things later. Our consultative approach -- which pays equal attention to both the development of your site and the needs of your business -- is what separates us from other web-hosting providers.

Working with us begins by first determining your needs. In just a few minutes we'll know if we can do business together. We may not be right for everyone and we certainly do not aim for that. This is why we can brand ourselves as private and unique. You will never feel as if you are trying to squeeze into, or be squeezed into, someone else's package.

Once we know what you need, we can then get started on your site. From purchasing your domain name, to creating your web site, the average turn around time will surprise you. If you just need a new home for your existing web site, we will be happy to handle the move for you. We are proactive, sometimes brash, and always confident we will deliver what we promise to you on time. We can assure you the only surprises you'll have will be pleasant ones.

Most web hosting companies will certainly provide you with a stable and secure web-hosting experience (or they won't be in business long). We do this every day and we have been in business since 2004. Most of the web hosting companies out there will provide you with a multitude of services and applications, which you may or may not need. We will be sure you get what you need, and let you leave out the fluff. The big difference is you will not pay extra for the fluff. Clearly, however, OnTheWebHosting should be your final choice when your expectation is to get what you need and superior customer service.

Email or call us at 617-775-0868 and we can discuss your expectations and set up a plan. Whether your site is for a novice startup, or a more complex mid-size business, we will do our best to provide you with the best in service.

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